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Vanda Care

NATIVE ORIGIN: members of this genera range from India, Ceylon, Assam, Burma, Thailand, Indo China, China, Malaya Archipelago including Indonesia and New Guinea, northward into the Philippines and as far south as the northern coast of Australia.. 

LIGHT:: Most Vandas like very bright filtered light. For that reason they should kept outside or in a greenhouse. Some terete and semiterete vandas can even be grown in full sun while others such as Rhynchostylis prefer lower light levels. 

WATER: Vandas like to be watered every day to every other day. Adjust your watering schedule to the time of year. During the warmer months, plants need to be watered every day. In winter every other day is adequate. We recommend watering with a sprinkler or with a hose. It is not enough to mist them lightly. 

FERILIZER: andas are heavy feeders and require more fertilizer than most other orchids. Once a week fertilizing with regular strength fertilizer is sufficient. We recommend feeding with any general purpose water soluble fertilizer. 

MEDIA: Vandas tend to have heavy long aerial roots and prefer to be supported in a open slat basket or just on a wire with no media around their roots. 

REPOTTING: It is only necessary when the basket breaks down or the plant needs dividing. 

DISEASE & PESTS: Most plant diseases are caused by damp or stagnant conditions. Proper watering practices and good air movement are the best preventative measures you can take. To treat fungal diseases we recommend Physan or RD-20, Kocide, Aliette, and Manzate or other brand of these chemical groups.