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SALE SIX POUNDS OrchidCote 18-6-8 Orchid Fertilizer Slow Release 6 Month BLOOM!

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OrchidCote 18-6-8 NPK Orchid Fertilizer Slow Release 6 Month 180 BLOOM Formula

Grow your own orchids at home!

Formulate for Orchid BLOOMING. If it does not work for you, return it and we will refund your purchase price! 

NPK-granules are coated with an elastic polymer. After application, water enters through the pores. The nutrients are dissolved in water. The result is a concentrated nutrient solution. A controlled nutrient release over 6 months is ensured.

Derived From: Polymer Coated Ammoniated Phosphate, Polymer Coated Ammonium Nitrate, Polymer Coated Calcium Phosphate, Polymer Coated Potassium Sulfate, Polymer Coated Magnesium Sulfate, Polymer Coated Magnesium Carbonate, Polymer Coated Sodium Borate, Polymer Coated Copper Sulfate, Polymer Coated Iron Oxide, Polymer Coated Manganese Sulfate Polymer Coated Sodium Molybdate.


If your plant is described as in bud or bloom, please know that we will do our best to get the flower to you intact. We, of course cannot guarantee live flowers on delivery. That would be impossible! Your best bet is to assume you are buying an orchid PLANT..... not a flower. That way, no one will be disappointed.  

I personally hand pick the best plants to offer up to the community for you to enjoy. Check my feedback & see. I have been an orchid seller since 1998. 

 is proud of a history of growing and selling healthy plants. Our goal is to satisfy you! If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. Simply email us and we will do everything possible to make you happy. If there is an issue with your order, please contact us within 48 hours for resolution.


I try to make my shipping charges as close to actual as possible. Email me when you are ready to check out and I will give you an invoice for the total. I do not use heat packs, they can cause more damage than not. Email me if you would like more information. 

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